projectSASI is dedicated to empowering girls as social innovators, creating a more inclusive, unified global society through connection, growth, and inspiration.

projectSASI programs support and inspire girls to embrace, celebrate, and activate their soulful-authentic-strong-inspiring power. Giving back is foundational to SASI as a social innovation company, and SASI proceeds directly support projectSASI activities for girls globally.

From the backyard to the boardroom, the research is clear: including female perspectives and life experience means better outcomes, policies, and processes that benefit all. We can’t get there without working together: men and women from all backgrounds, experiences and cultures living our SASI, and supporting our world’s girls to do the same, creates soulful space for females everywhere – and a better future for everyone!

“Lift a woman = elevate the present.  Lift a girl = empower the future.”                   -Shirlayne Quayle


The projectSASI Community supports girls in defining, creating and sharing their SASI, contributing their unique talents and gifts to empower the future. We celebrate courage, kindness, and connection, and work together to create more soulful space for girls and women everywhere.

Welcome! I hope you’ll join us, find inspiration within…and choose to stay a while.


projectSASI programs create soulful space for girls to discover, explore and design their SASI – resulting in cemented self-confidence, collaborative leadership, and creative innovation that remodels our world.

  • SASI Book Club | for girls age 7 – 107!

  • Start your own SASI Book Club today!

    We read inspiring stories about real girls and women who have made and are making a difference in our world, and share our thoughts, ideas and inspirations with each other. Creative, hands-on expression, lively conversation and exploration, and inspiring each other to make our unique impact are part of the fun!

  • SASI Camps and Retreats | Coming Soon


Join the SASI Community now and begin supporting the girls in your life to live their SASI!