I believe soulfully created “space” activates the global power of inclusivity and love, leading to a more just and happy existence for every person in the world. This is my personal why and the foundation for SASI as a social innovation movement.

Creating soulful space requires exploring and embracing our individual SASI – our unique soulful-authentic-strong-inspiring power. It also requires connection with others: each time a new connection is made, creativity flows, innovation occurs and society shifts. When you harness your SASI, and support others in harnessing theirs, you apply your power to the choices and actions that drive success, positively impacting your personal growth, your family, your work, and ultimately the world.


Twenty years of studying human behavior, building successful relationships across cultures and genders, and helping people explore and express their truest (soulful) selves to impact the world as only they can has taught me that life success depends on knowing who we are, what we stand for, and how we choose to manifest it in our life space. Being a mom to the beautiful soul who is my daughter reminds me every day that true happiness feels like love, kindness, connection, creativity, courage, and freedom.

Through study and trial and error, my personal journey to create soulful space revealed a model that instills soulful self-awareness, guides authentic choice and behavior, cultivates strength and skill, and inspires growth, impact, and success. I call it SASI. You will come to call your SASI whatever proves to be soulful-authentic-strong, and inspiring for you.

The SASI model blends emotional intelligence, design thinking, human ecology, and leadership. It is grounded in research and proven in experience. It’s personally moldable to every individual, at any point in time, and is by nature self-renewing. If you are living your SASI, your SASI journey is constantly renewing and evolving for and with you. It’s a life-long guide that meets you where you are, every day, helping you create your soulful space and connect with others doing the same – remodeling our world in the process.

Begin creating your soulful space by connecting with the growing SASI community of people around the world dedicated to living with self-awareness, self-reflection, and a burning desire to grow, thrive, and give back: citizens who contribute their unique gifts to the world with confidence, humility and love.

About Shirlayne

Social innovator. Global connector. Mom. Shirlayne holds degrees in anthropology and business and has more than 20 years experience building meaningful partnerships across cultures and genders, successfully connecting people and ideas in education, academia, government, and private industry to create innovative social solutions. Her passion is sharing SASI – empowering others to harness their soulful-authentic-strong-inspiring power and create innovative connections that lead to a more inclusive and happy world.


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